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Salt Pond Golf Scorecard

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Holes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Black 151 113 180 104 260 150 200 184 125
Par 3 3 3 3 4 3 4 3 3
Beige 139 94 149 96 222 128 172 171 106
Par 3 3 3 3 4 3 3 3 3
Green 123 78 120 92 141 114 161 159 80
Par 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
Handicap 6 18 8 16 2 14 10 4 12
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In Out Total
177 112 198 212 198 140 241 177 252 1707 1467 3174
3 3 4 4 4 3 4 3 4 32 29 61
149 106 183 171 141 127 222 150 174 1423 1277 2700
3 3 3 3 3 3 4 3 3 28 28 56
110 85 139 117 90 120 151 122 128 1062 1068 2130
3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 27 27 54
7 17 5 11 13 15 1 9 3

Hole #1

A good beginning to a challenging day. This hole plays 151 yards from the back tee and has a water hazard protecting the front of the green. The green is shallow in depth, so club selection is important. The best approach is to play towards the left side of the green; if your ball does come up a little short, it will not find the hazard.

Hole 1 Golf Course Map
Hole 1 151 Yards

Hole #2

Do not count on this hole yielding too many birdies. Although the hole is only 113 yards from the back tees, the green is small and guarded by a water hazard in the front. Once reaching the green, your work is not complete. An undulating putting surface makes even the shortest putts a challenge. Your best bet is to play for the center of the green; if you hit the green, you will not have a long birdie putt.

Hole 2 Golf Course Map
Hole 2 113 Yards

Hole #3

The 3rd hole is a very demanding par 3. It measures 180 yards with a right front bunker and trees lining the right and left side of the fairway. When the player reaches this green, they will be confronted with a very undulating green with slopes on both right and left side of the green. Par is a very good score here.

Hole 3 Golf Course Map
Hole 3 180 Yards

Hole #4

After playing the difficult 180 yard par 3 third hole, the fourth is a welcomed breather – a picturesque hole with a forced carry over a water hazard complete with a fountain. Measuring at only 104 yards and a green that slopes back to front, this is a hole you do not want to let get away. Shoot for the pin on this hole, but do not come up short, as there is a water hazard in front of the green and a sand trap in front towards the left side!

Hole 4 Golf Course Map
Hole 4 104 Yards

Hole #5

After playing the short Par 3 fourth, the 5th hole is very tight off the tee with a hazard on the left side and trees on the right side. The 5th hole is the longest hole on the course. An accurate tee shot is required in order to reach this green in regulation or par is difficult to obtain. A real challenge for both short and long hitters.

Hole 5 Golf Course Map
Hole 5 260 Yards

Hole #6

The 6th hole plays slightly uphill and measures 150 yards. Be sure to keep this shot straight. To the left there is tall grass and a big tree on your right side off the tee. This green also has a lot of slopes that make it very difficult to putt.

Hole 6 Golf Course Map
Hole 6 150 Yards

Hole #7

The second of two par 4’s on the front 9, it measures an inviting 200 yards. Longer players should be able to reach this green and have an eagle putt if they are accurate. You may remember a creek that ran across the fairway which is no longer there to gather any errant shots. Be sure to take plenty of club and play it smart and the eagle or birdie is yours for the taking.

Hole 7 Golf Course Map
Hole 7 200 Yards

Hole #8

The 8th is a very demanding par 3. It measures 184 yards with a fairway bunker & green side bunker. The green is small and requires an accurate tee shot. Making par here is a very good score.

Hole 8 Golf Course Map
Hole 8 184 Yards

Hole #9

Another chance to catch your breath after a challenging four hole stretch (Holes 5 – 8). This 125 yard beauty will again make you carry a water hazard. The green also has two large bunkers in front that will influence even the low handicappers. Go for the middle of the green, errant shots left and right will be difficult to recover from and, most likely, will result in an unfortunate bogey or worse.

Hole 9 Golf Course Map
Hole 9 125 Yards

Hole #10

The first hole of your inward journey is a lengthy 177 yards that sets up well if you play a gentle draw. Out of bounds runs down both sides; accuracy is a premium. The green slopes back to front and right to left. A shot that goes long leaves a difficult pitch. The smart play is to the front of the green to leave an uphill putt or short chip.

Hole 10 Golf Course Map
Hole 10 177 Yards

Hole #11

This may be a short hole, but this green slopes from back to front which will make putting your #1 priority here. Be sure to leave your approach short of the flag to leave yourself with an up hill putt.

Hole 11 Golf Course Map
Hole 11 112 Yards

Hole #12

Don’t let this short par 4 fool you. Water runs in front and all along the entire left side. A big waste bunker sits in front of the green. There is out of bounds all along the right side. Accuracy is at a premium here. Par is a good score.

Hole 12 Golf Course Map
Hole 12 198 Yards

Hole #13

Accuracy again is at a premium. Out of bounds left and right with a pond short and left side of the fairway. It is very difficult to chip to this green because it is narrow and slopes slightly from back to front.

Hole 13 Golf Course Map
Hole 13 212 Yards

Hole #14

A blind shot from the back tee, this par 4 measures 198 yards. This reachable par 4 is no easy birdie. The green is small and is protected by mounds and rough. To drive this hole, you need accuracy and luck. With wetlands on the left and out of bounds right, a smart player will play short down the fairway to set up a short second shot.

Hole 14 Golf Course Map
Hole 14 198 Yards

Hole #15

The second shortest hole on the back nine at 140 yards, this hole demands an accurate shot. Club selection is difficult to determine because cattails grow in a creek that runs in front of the green making the hole look longer and tougher than it is. Go for the pin – a good score here will boost morale for three tough finishing holes.

Hole 15 Golf Course Map
Hole 15 140 Yards

Hole #16

The longer player has the advantage here on this 241 yard monster or does he? This hole will only benefit the player who is consistent in his length and accuracy. The force carry over the water from the back tees is well over 200 yards. Are you long enough? For more consistent scores, you may choose to lay up right and have a shorter carry to the large green. This hole is not easy, and a par 4 should be congratulated.

Hole 16 Golf Course Map
Hole 16 241 Yards

Hole #17

A very charming, but deceivingly difficult Par 3. It is very narrow with out of bounds and a bunker front left and hazard all along the right side of the fairway. If you hit one of the sloping hills lining the right side of the fairway, your ball will bounce into the hazard. This green is large, but has a lot of slopes which makes putting for par very difficult.

Hole 17 Golf Course Map
Hole 17 177 Yards

Hole #18

A great finishing hole at 252 yards, the par 4 eighteenth is the longest hole on the back nine. This hole will again beg you to go for it with another forced carry of over 200 yards from the back tees. Beware – trees overhanging the front, right corner of the tee and a large tree protecting the left side of the green will make a shot to the green most difficult. A fade is your best bet if you go for it, but do not let your shot get away from you. Out of bounds runs close to the right side of the green. The best bet is to play down the left side to a lay up area. Next play to the center of the green, take two putts, and drive to the clubhouse with a sense of accomplishment.

Hole 18 Golf Course Map
Hole 18 252 Yards

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SPGC is located in Bethany Beach just off of Fred Hudson Rd and Central Ave, just North of Route 26 (Atlantic Ave) and West of Rt. 1. This is approximately 3 miles from the Downtown Bethany Beach totem pole and less than 10 miles from N Ocean City.

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